The Last Supper at NetGlade
The Last Supper at NetGlade
The Last Supper at NetGlade

5 Reasons Why We Work at Netglade


5 Reasons Why We Work at Netglade


5 Reasons Why We Work at Netglade


From the unique company culture and inviting atmosphere to the outstanding offices in Letná, what more makes working at Netglade our dream job?

Nov 16, 2022

Why do we work at Netglade?

We asked ourselves this question and wrote down five reasons why we think it’s very much worth it. But we started by putting aside all obvious advantages of every IT start-up out there. Instead, we opted to focus on the little things, the often overlooked details we value in our daily work. Hopefully, they’ll offer an insight into our philosophy, whether you’re looking at open positions or hoping for a new business partner.

1. Our work style 🧑‍💻

Precision, simplicity, functionality –– the three key mantras of our work. But what do these fancy buzzwords actually stand for?

First, before we delve deep into coding and close ourselves from the world, our solution for each piece of software must adhere to these values. This is accomplished by complete equality of all opinions and stances. Essentially, anybody can have the best idea of the bunch. Once we settle on a particular approach, we move to develop it. You can forget about six rounds of corporate approvals, where the initial pitch gets progressively muddled with each one. The moment we find our winner, we get to work.

Second, in order to deliver the best possible solutions, we sometimes offer our clients a completely new approach. But only if we believe it benefits the project. Our team begins each new challenge with an open mind, methodically analyzing the ins and outs of the project. The goal always stays the same: Making software we can be proud of.

NetGlade Team Solving Problems

2. Our flexibility 👩‍🎤

Okay, another buzzword, but stay with us. Flexibility means more than just fluid working hours, working from home, and popping out of the office to run an errand. Instead, we like to give our team members the chance to develop talents that don’t necessarily match up with their daily responsibilities. If you’re not just into programming, but also like to write, shoot videos or design in Photoshop, we’ll try to come up with meaningful ways to match these skills with your position.

But don’t get the wrong idea –– we’re not all renaissance (wo)men and demigods of multitasking. If you’re truly committed to one thing and do it well, we will appreciate it. Our goal is to eliminate all hurdles that stand in the way of personal development. How you choose to use this opportunity will always be up to you.

3. Our vibe 🙌

At Netglade, we value team atmosphere above all remaining variables. Work skills are important, no doubt, but first and foremost, we’re looking for people who will feel at home with us. Despite our consistent year-to-year growth, we try to keep things casual, sticking with the same carefreeness of our first three years of service when we dilligently worked on our debut app. Our trio of supervisors doesn’t hide in “Evil CEO” offices with tacky glass tables, overlooking tops of skyscrapers. Instead, they’re working with the team on all daily agenda.

Happy NetGlade Employees

4. Our gaming league 🚀

During the pandemic, most companies were in desperate search for an all-mighty recipe to maintain carefully built team dynamics at a distance. After all, most of us worked from home and only saw our team buddies in Zoom calls. All personal connections were in danger of being severed, with moments of magic disappearing in favor of straightforward remote meetings. Virtual teambuildings were only half-baked solutions, conducted miles away from each other, mostly as a formality. But we insisted on keeping our vibe alive and kicking, especially in a physically and mentally tumultous era.

That’s why we founded NSL or Netglade Starcraft League, our unofficial league in this legendary Blizzard RTS. It became a tentpole of all team activities outside of work, and it even survived the gradual return to office. Anyone not fond of strategy games can breathe easily –– we quickly expanded our pool of games to various shooters, VR games, and MOBAs. In fact, nowadays, we only play Starcraft when our CEO Honza gets nostalgic.

But regardless of our title of choice, the habit of gathering to play (video or board) games together has prevailed to this day, forming a solid backbone of all teambuildings.

Happy Mark Playing Happy Game

5. Our location 🌳

Let’s face it, long commutes are not fun. And they’re even less fun when you’re commuting to a barren, colorless location. At Netglade, we’re lucky to call the bustling district of Letná our home. It’s been our little haven since the very first moment, and we’d like to keep it that way. At this point, we’re so accustomed to this district’s various delights, we can’t imagine moving anywhere else. It’s a convenient central location, a rich restaurant hub for lunch and afterwork drinks, and a diverse neighborhood with irreplicable genius loci. We feel truly connected and consider Letná part of our DNA. And we believe you’ll fall in love with it as well, if you haven’t already 😉