Transforming the most popular Czech school administration system into a modern web application

Bakaláři is the leading school administration system in the Czech Republic, with tens of thousands of teachers, principals, and pupils using it on a daily basis. When the creators decided to transform the original desktop program into a web and mobile app, they encountered issues commonly associated with such conversion. Here at NetGlade, we were thrilled to take the helm of this challenging process which required careful planning, innovative problem solving, and evolving various system components.

Realization05-2019 – ongoing

Used technologies.NET Core, Vue.js, DevExtreme, Figma, Whimsical, MsSql

Our task

The main part of our work lies in rewriting apps built with legacy technology, such as Delphi or Visual FoxPro, using current-day industry standards. This poses a considerable challenge.

For us, this project is about gaining a perspective on the inner workings of the whole system. That’s why we always evaluate the merit, logic, and function of each individual app. Based on thorough analyses, we seek solutions that meet three basic conditions — the app needs to be easier, faster, and more intuitive. We must simultaneously account for precise functionality and compatibility with the rest of the system.

Whenever our devs encounter an obstacle, we promptly discuss it with our client. Here’s where our past experiences and passion for tech come into play — thanks to them, we can deliver cutting-edge solutions that satisfy basic and advanced users alike. For instance, while reworking the app for school incident reporting, we utilized Vue.js, Whimsical, and the prototyping software Figma. Other Bakaláři apps are running on serverless services of Microsoft Azure.

In 2021, our cooperation with Bakaláři grew stronger when we were tasked to lead development on a brand new mobile app for Digiškolka. The finished product merges all communication between pre-school teachers and parents into a single app. We developed Digiškolka in line with our client’s vision, without technological setbacks, and delivered a fast and reliable app for both Android and iOS. But our work has just begun. Our dev team is frequently adding new teaching modules and updates to the web version.

With Bakaláři and Digiškolka, we’re pushing school administration into the digital era. And we are proud to experience this exciting journey with our long-standing partners at Bakaláři.