Škola Online App

A Flutter-based mobile app that gives teachers and pupils an easy way to handle their school agenda

Škola Online is a school information system that enables principals, teachers, students, and parents to access daily curricular activities. The service is available in both web and mobile versions. But when the original mobile app started showing its age, we were asked to develop a brand new version with the increasingly popular Flutter framework.

Realization04-2022 – ongoing

Used technologiesFlutter, Dart, Firebase

By design, Škola Online is a complex service that empowers users with complete control over their current school activities and tasks. For instance, teachers can use it to share grades, record attendance or inform about changes in the curriculum. In turn, pupils and their parents can access grade overviews, online timetables, and calendars with upcoming tests and paper deadlines. Therefore, the application must be easy to pick up for adults and children alike, providing a pleasant experience no matter whose thumb swipes the screen along. To achieve this goal, we introduced several key features along with a complete visual overhaul.

First off — the app is now built on the newest version of Flutter. Aside from a design touch-up, the controls are now faster, snappier, and more intuitive while maintaining simplicity. We designed them with both basic and advanced users in mind.


Push notifications are handled via Firebase, utilized mostly by teachers sending out important updates, such as test dates or homework assignments. Similarly, this SDK enables us to collect analytics that help us identify areas which require tweaking in future updates. Thanks to Firebase Crashlytics, we can also monitor any possible errors in real time and develop fixes faster than before.

The new Škola Online app closes the most prominent gaps of the original version. It gives all teachers and pupils effortless access to curricular tasks on par with information systems of the modern era. The entire project cements one of our proudest achievements at NetGlade — our long-standing cooperation with Bakaláři, the leading school administration system on the Czech market.